Practice Areas


A Legal Concierge Experience

Functioning as a skilled captain, we roll out a red carpet process with our boutique representation. Masterfully handling any associated challenges, we deftly steer you on course towards closing the deal.

Acquisitions & Sales

We guide clients through the complexities of multifamily property, warehouse, large apartment building and other commercial deals across the country. Highly accessible and communicative, we remain atop of the buying, selling or refinancing process on your behalf.
Expertly negotiated PSA
Corroboration of all parties
Timely-met deadlines
Facilitation of necessary extensions

Acquisitions & Sales

We navigate all aspects of residential homebuying and selling throughout the sates of New York and New Jersey. Experienced with new construction, as well as existing property, we comprehensively apply our expertise and offer consistent personalized support throughout the lifecycle of
each transaction.

Notification of expected fees & costs
Collaboration with associated professionals
Cohesively streamlined process
Easy and smooth closing

Property Leasing

We assist both commercial landlords and tenants through what often is a complicated process in leasing office, store or warehouse space. Prior to even beginning, we educate you on timeframes and expectations, enabling you to make informed decisions.
Focus entirely on your best interests
Drafting, reviewing, negotiation of lease/amendment
Handling every presented challenge

All Your Needs Are Met,
Regardless of the Circumstances.